Since the dawn of the Internet, I always hoped to earn money online and achieve the freedom of working from home. But to perform and make a living on stage? Now that’s something I never even considered!

“The Wandering Israeli” is the first (and only) stage show I ever wrote. It was back in 2003, when I was 33-years-old.

Besides having realized an important dream of writing a stage show, I still had to market it.

So what did I do?

You got it.

I built this one-page site (in Hebrew and today it has just a few more pages…). It’s the simplest site ever. A day after putting it online, I closed two performances. In December 2003, only two months after curtains went up on our new show, we performed NINE times in both private and public affairs (seven performances came in through the Web!).

Just goes to show that the knowledge I gained from the SiteSell products has no language barrier.

By November 2004, “The Wandering Israeli” stage show earned a spot at Israel’s “Cameri” National Theater.

Together with my musician partners, we interweave a dialogue between storytelling and music. The stories are based on my amusing travel experiences. I also do some singing and act out different characters. It’s a very unique show, it’s the fruit of our creation, and we’ve been getting really great feedback and reviews.

Now, years later, I’ve performed with “The Wanderer” over 400 times and apart from enriching my soul, it’s earning me an extra income I never even hoped for.

While I work on expanding this story, you can watch the 30-minute documentary movie below called “Kulna Maak”. Filmed in 2008, the movie brings to life one of the stories portrayed in “The Wanderer” – A story about special friendship between myself and a Jordanian named Kamil.

In 1995, immediately following the Peace treaty between Israel and Jordan, I decided to live in Jordan with the purpose of studying Arabic and befriending our former enemies. During my 3-month stay there, I became very good friends with the hostel owner, Kamil. Kamil is one of the central characters in “The Wanderer”.

In 2008, 13 years after my first visit to Jordan and during a time of tension between the two countries, I returned to see if my friendship with Kamil is still as special as I portray it on stage.

The film took part in the 2009 Jerusalem International Film Festival: