When I started building my websites back in 2003, I’d plug in the Adsense code, forget about it, and spend most of my time writing and building content.

Can’t do that anymore.

Today, the websites have grown into a full-scale online business, and along with Adsense, there’s AdX, DFP, FB Audience Network, Dynamic Ads, Header Bidding, Content Recommendation, Contextual linking, Facebook Instant Pages, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, RPM, CTM, CPM and OMG!!! HELP!!!

And if you’re not on top of it, you’re losing big time. Adsense alone doesn’t cut it any more.

For someone like myself who never cared much about analyzing all those numbers and stats and tweaking rules and negotiating bids, staying in tune with the latest ad technologies is a nightmare.

Instead, I found a better way to earn the most out of my sites and still focus on what I want to do – write.

The Big Crash in Adsense Cash

Somewhere around 2009, the Internet began to change dramatically – Social, mobile, new technologies and it all resulted in a rapidly decreasing Adsense revenue. In retrospect, I could have earned much more from my ad inventory, had I the patience and time to figure out all this new tech, negotiate higher bids, create more effective rules, but I just wanted to do what I loved most – write. Write and build great content for the site. Adsense had always been straightforward “plug and play”, so I just left the code on the site and wished for the best.

Years went by and my Adsense income went down.

Exactly 10 years after I had started my sites – 2013, I ran (literally) into another one of those life-changing moments.  

I was walking down Rothschild Blvd. in Tel Aviv (the world’s #2 Silicone Valley) and I ran into an old friend sitting at a cafe. His name was Tomer and I had met him a few years earlier when he was CMO at Infolinks. He was now the CEO of Adnimation, a company he had founded together with Maor Davidovich. They saw that websites were having a hard time figuring out all the new ad technologies and made it the company’s goal to help these websites optimize their ad revenue.

I immediately asked if they could look into my sites and maybe try and help me make more from my dwindling Adsense revenue.

Turns out that I live 30 minutes away from the Adnimation HQ. So, I drove out to meet Tomer and the Adnimation team and, for me, being able to meet them face to face gave me an even higher sense of security that these were the right people to confide in with my revenue generating efforts.


Together with Tomer Treves (right) and Maor Davidovich (left), CEOs of Adnimation

We agreed that Adnimation would set me up, take over my ad inventory and we’d test for three months, during which I could decide to leave at any time.

The team guided me in configuring DFP on my site and that’s all I had to do. They have a special license with Google ADx (Google’s premium Ad exchange) so they get higher quality ads and can implement them on client sites such as mine. They created all the necessary rules, added additional sources of advertising like content recommendation. That was interesting because at first I was set up with Taboola and then they negotiated a better rate with Outbrain – both companies are headquartered here in Israel, so it’s much easier to negotiate with people you can actually meet. (By the way, because many ad companies are based in Israel, that gives Adnimation a really big advantage.)

Adnimation is also a Google Certified Network Partner – so they meet up with the folks at Google regularly, have access to new features AND if there is ever a problem with any of the client sites – they have a direct line to a real person at Google. A few months back I got one of those stressful warning emails from Adsense – I forwarded it to my account manager at Adnimation, and it was solved within a matter of minutes!

Within a month with Adnimation, I started seeing significant results. And now, several years later I’ve got a 50% higher RPM! They didn’t charge a setup fee, nor do they charge a monthly fee. Adnimation only takes a fair percentage from the revenue, which I am very happy to share with them since my sites are earning much more.

With Adnimation I know that someone is keeping my back when it comes to revenue. I get a daily income report, they are constantly tweaking rules, helping me with my social campaigns, briefing me and helping me with new technology, such as implementing (when needed) Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, header bidding and so forth. They even help with my SEO efforts since more traffic and a higher income for me means a higher income for them.

I personally feel that my relationship with Adnimation is much more than a service, it’s more like a partnership. I value their work ethics and honesty and I’m thankful and appreciative for all that they have done to help me grow my sites.

So Why Am I Writing This?

Since I love writing (especially about things I love) and since I have lots more time on my hands to write (thanks to Adnimation), I was happy to write this story to help get the word out for such an awesome service like the one Adnimation provides.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly, I’m always happy to recommend.

All the best and good luck with maximizing your site’s revenue!

Elad Shippony
The Wandering Infopreneur