In April of 2008 I decided to set out on a rather unique adventure.

Instead of my usual journey to the realms of some third-world country, I would set out to visit some of the most amazing sites in the world – SBI! sites. Actually, the people behind the sites.

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Site Build It! (SBI!), here’s my original story of how I built a high-traffic online business using SBI!. This is a video I created back when I wrote the original story:



Here’s the “Trailer” to my SBI! adventure in Canada, a spin-off of my first SBI! video above:



I’ve been all around the world. I traveled for years. It’s my passion. I’ve been to Antarctica, canoed down the Congo River, hiked the Andes I’ve seen the most incredible sights. And throughout my travels, I’ve always been interested first and foremost in the people.

Meeting people.

So now my plan was to meet people like myself who share the same passion for SBI! as I do. Since starting off with SBI!, I’ve become part of this tight-knit and enthusiastic virtual community. And truthfully, as a people person, I’m not that good of a virtual Samaritan because it’s all so virtual for me.

I also needed to get a bit more reality as to what SiteSell, the company behind SBI!, looks like. I think that it’s something many SBI!ers would like to know. To me, it all seems so vague. SiteSell and SBI! usually equal a guru called Dr. Ken Evoy. But I know that there are so many devoted people taking part. Who are they?

So, after five years of SBI!-ing, I decided to set off and come face to face with some of the people of Site Build It!, better known as SBI!ers.

Where would I go?

With thousands of SBI!ers scattered all around the world, I just had to spin the globe and point my finger anywhere it landed. Yet, the moment I came up with the idea, I knew where I was going:


Along with visiting other SBI!ers, I was also eager to meet Ken, who is a Canadian and lives in Montreal. Over the years, Ken has become a virtual friend and guru to me and to so many others.

I turned to Theresa from SiteSell (you’ll meet her later on in the story) and asked for a list of SBI!ers in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal area. She sent me a bunch of names and I started contacting people and trying to piece the puzzle.

I don’t usually make many plans when I set off to travel, but this time I had no choice (although I did leave enough room for spontaneity). There were quite a few changes and ultimately this is what the route looked like:


Here’s a Map of the SBI! “Sites” I Visited:


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On the flight from Tel-Aviv to Toronto I wrote down my very first thoughts. The prologue of this adventure, so to speak. Although I’ve put links below to each of the days, I suggest you start reading the story from what I wrote while on Air Canada flight 085:


  • START HERE » Prologue to my SBI! story…
  • Day 1: Landed in Toronto. Met Anna from in Toronto.
  • Day 2: Met Yvonne from flower-gardening in Ancaster.
  • Day 3 – Lunch: Drove back to Toronto to meet Anthony from
  • Days 3 – Dinner: Met Susanna from
  • Day 4 – Day off, drove to Ottawa.
  • Days 5: Met Kirby from learn-kenny-chesney-guitar in Ottawa.
  • Days 6: Met Richard from in Ottawa.
  • Day 7 – Breakfast and Lunch: Drove to Hudson to meet Lise from… (I’ll get to that). At noon, drove to Montreal to meet Daniel from SiteSell.
  • Day 7 – Dinner: Drove to to Notre-Dame-Des-Praries to meet Claude from
  • Days 8 and 9: Met Amel from I also went to an SBI! class at Dawson College, met the students and David Edey, Co-Director of SiteSell Education. Also met Don Coggan, Co-Director of SiteSell Education and his group of SBI!ers.
  • Day 10: Get-together at Theresa Coffey’s (from SiteSell) house. There I met Shaun from, Ian from, Sveta from, Allan from SiteSell (AKA Al the Graphic Guy) and Natasha from SiteSell.
  • Day 10: Met Ken Evoy, wife Janice and the girls.
  • Day 11: Met Linda from SiteSell and drove to New York State on the border with Ontario to meet Debs from
  • Day 12: Wasn’t supposed to meet anyone, but had a surprise visit.
  • Day 13: Flew back home.
  • My Final Thoughts