Elad Shippony

The Wandering Israeli

Since I resigned from my day job in 2003, I have been earning a living online from my websites and offline from my stage show, “The Wandering Israeli”. Although the two fields are very different, they share the same basic philosophy that in order to succeed as an independent artist/solopreneur, you must 

  1. Believe that you can 
  2. Be willing to learn and embrace self-promotion

Here is my story…

Way back in 2003, I took a chance. It wasn’t your life-or-death sort-of chance, it was just one of those moments that’s disguised as a regular moment, but it’s not.

I was at home in front of the computer. The Web was just starting to bubble with all sorts of money-making opportunities and it seemed like everywhere I turned, someone was trying to sell me something that would teach me (a completely non-technical person) how to make money on the Internet.

For me, at the time, it was exactly what I was looking for! A way to make money on the Internet. A way out of my day job. A way to re-connect with my dreams and aspirations.

I signed up for a free online course that promised to enhance my online writing skills as a first step towards building an online business. I love to write and this course just happened to cross my screen at the right time.

The course was my first encounter with a guy named Ken Evoy and his company called Sitesell. The course led to a book and the book led to a package called Site Build It! (SBI!) and within a short time I was following Ken’s directive to building not just a website, but an online business – one that would endure the raging evolution of the Internet.

I’ve written extensively in my original story about how I resigned from my day job and built my high-traffic content-based websites


Here’s My Original Story


Today, years later, two things remain very stable for me:

  • My Websites generate over 1.5 Million Unique Visitors per month and are still my family’s main source of income.
  • Sitesell is still very much around and helping people build online businesses.

It goes without saying that in such a rapidly evolving online world, when you encounter stability, something must be right.

Yet, something did (almost) go wrong…

In my first years of working from home, I was, in fact, working from home. And, I was also earning a substantial income. Then mobile came around, and I was working from home and from almost everywhere else. And as the Web evolved into a social monster that demanded to be fed posts and tweets every few hours, I found myself working from everywhere and around the clock!

Exactly what I wanted to avoid when I set off on this dream to work from home.

To top it off, the substantial income I was earning from my sites, primarily from Google Adsense, began to dwindle – mainly due to a flood of new ad technologies that I didn’t have time nor an inclination to figure out.

In 2013 I ran into another one of those special moments, this time at a cafe in Tel Aviv. It was a moment that once again changed my life and helped me revitalize my sites (and my income).  You can read about it in my latest update.


My Latest Update



Over the years, quite a few people have sent me letters telling me that my story had inspired them to do the same. That they too were fed up with the rat race and decided to pursue their own dream of working from home.

When I set out to be my own boss, I never planned on inspiring anyone. I just wanted to free myself. But finding out time and again that my story is empowering others to do the same, well, that has become one of the most rewarding things for me. To such an extent that the letters you sent me after my 2008 Canada adventure inspired me to build this site and share more of my adventures.

You can contact me directly from this site or connect on the social networks.


My Dreams List

Throughout the years of working from home, I’ve had all the time in the world to pursue my many dreams (and there are a lot more lined up..)

“All Our Dreams Can Come True, If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them”

— Walt Disney

Building an Online Business

Building an Online Business

In this section I share with you my personal story of how I jumped into the world of the Internet without any technical know-how and within six months resigned from my day job and began earning thousands of dollars each month. I also share my insights into the world of working from home...

Buying a New Home (Thanks Google!)

Buying a New Home (Thanks Google!)

In this section I share with you the story of how my wife's dream of buying our own house became my dream also, how we paid for it with 100% income we earn online, and why it was so important for me to prove to my in-laws that "impossible" doesn't exist.

Traveling Around the World

Traveling Around the World

Before I got married, I spent years backpacking around the world. But now, with a family to support, you can't just take off. Well, actually, you can - if you've got a passive income and a supporting wife. In this section, I share with you some of my latest adventures.

Setting New Goals

Setting New Goals

Being a soccer goalkeeper was my childhood dream, but like many other childhood dreams, it got lost somewhere along the way. But when I turned 38, I decided that it was time to give soccer another “shot”. I committed myself to a rigorous training camp and set out to realize my childhood dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper…

Performing and Marketing My Art

Performing and Marketing My Art

"The Wandering Israeli" is my stage show. I wrote it in 2004 and continue to perform across the country, around the world and in National Theater. It's an amazing adventure and in this section I share my story of how I create my art and market it independently.

The Wandering Israeli Website

The Wandering Israeli Website

Since I set off with "The Wandering Israeli, I have performed over 600 times all around the country. In 2016 I adapted the show into English and we've begun touring worldwide. Here's the show's English-version site.