My SBI! Adventure

My name is Elad Shippony.

Twelve years ago, in 2003, I took a chance. It wasn’t your life-or-death sort-of chance, it was just one of those moments that’s disguised as a regular moment, but it’s not.

I was at home in front of the computer. The Web was just starting to bubble with all sorts of money-making opportunities and it seemed like everywhere I turned, someone was trying to sell me something that would teach me (a completely non-technical person) how to make money on the Internet. For me, at the time, it was exactly what I was looking for! A way to make money on the Internet. A way out of my day job. A way to re-connect with my dreams and aspirations.

Luck must have been on my side on that fateful moment. I have no other explanation for signing up for a free online course that promised to enhance my online writing skills as a first step towards building an online business. I love to write and this course just happened to cross my screen at the right time. The course was my first encounter with a guy named Ken Evoy and his company called Sitesell. The course led to a book and the book led to a package called Site Build It! (SBI!) and within a short time I was following Ken’s directive to building not just a website, but an online business – one that would endure the raging evolution of the Internet.

So much has changed and evolved over the many years since that fateful moment back in 2003 when I signed up for Evoy’s online course. Yet, two things remain very stable:

  • My SBI! Websites are still my family’s main source of income.
  • Sitesell is still very much around and helping people build online businesses.

It goes without saying that in such a rapidly evolving online world, when you encounter stability, something must be right.

Alongside smooth sailing with my SBI! sites and a substantial income, mainly during the first years, the last few years have involved some rough waters and big challenges. I admit that there have been moments that I’ve even considered all-together leaving this socially demanding online world. But those have been just moments. With the passive income I earn from my Websites, I still have the time to pursue my dreams. And I also still have a burning passion for writing and sharing my stories and experiences online, offline, wherever, and hopefully also inspiring others to go after their own dreams.

If you’re still here in front of your computer or handheld and you’ve read up to here, who knows, it may be your moment? A seemingly ordinary moment that will change your life. Or maybe not. You never know.

I’ve written quite a bit over the years about my experiences building an online business with SBI!. If it’s your first time meeting me, I’d say that a great way to introduce myself would be this first story I wrote back in 2003.

The recurring question will be: “That was back in 2003 and everything has changed. Is SBI! still relevant?”.

In one word: Yes.

Yet, with that said, a few years ago I almost left SBI!

Here’s my latest story.


I’m currently writing this chapter. You are welcome to visit our sites in the meanwhile.